About the Neighborhood


We are located directly across the street from the BEAM Village Learning Hub. We have a long-standing relationship with the center and are strong supporters of their mission and efforts:  

"The BEAM Village facility is expanding so that students will have a place to combine school year and extracurricular learning and activities including cultural immersion, healthy leadership development, self-advocacy, community mapping, personal journaling, and story development through engagement with African American elders, artists, and civic leaders who paved the way for today’s generation.

This project is unique in that it is 100% a Black-led initiative. It has been imagined and designed by the BEAM students themselves in collaboration with Black elders, environmental advocates, university students, social and spatial justice advocates, and members from other initiatives in the area such as the Albina Vision Trust and (re)Building Cornerstones." (BEAM Website)
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The Rustic Modern Tiny House is in the North Williams District of Northeast Portland, Oregon.


This area is a historically Black neighborhood that has seen many changes through the decades due to gentrification.


We wish to be good new neighbors to our long-standing neighbors, holding awareness that these changing dynamics are directly tied to historical and ongoing forces that continue to disinvest, displace, and uproot the local Black community.

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